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Delivering Your Vision

Presenting ideas

in a brand-new way

Presenting ideas in a brand-new way —
your smart business solution

Open Loop Graphic specialize in the creation of custom, professional presentation, dynamic animation, creative infographic, and graphic design services.

As a presentation design studio, we are translating information and data into a unique visual design.

We make information clear, concise, and easily interpretable to support the message you are trying to get across to your audience.

Finished projects

Years of Experience

PPT Animations


Presentation Design

We work with you to give your ideas the unique look with simplicity.

Slide Revamp

We take your conventional presentations and give you innovative design solutions.


Template Design

We create a custom slide template to improve your team’s communications efficiency.

PowerPoint Animation

PowerPoint Animation

We design animation to explain complex ideas and bring your stories to life.

Infographic Design

Infographics Design

We tell your story with a visually compelling design to maximize communication.


Graphic Design

We offer popular graphic design services that focus on your message.

Work Examples

Upgraded slides for GeoSphere HD high-definition reservoir mapping-while-drilling sevice customer presentation
Built the brand and set the tone with a new SSA|D&M PowerPoint Template
Provided exciting context in System Architecture PowerPoint animation
Told the story using an infographic with an HSE Performance slide
Communicated the concept with a logo


Open Loop Graphic is a design studio based in Panama City, experienced with delivering and supporting design content.



Services include presentation design, slides revamp, presentation templates, PowerPoint animations, infographics, and graphic design.

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