Open Loop Graphic — Designing with a passion

Be supercharged with creativity and see possibilities, not limitations

The creator of Open Loop Graphic design studio, Ella Magiera, worked as a graphic designer for many years, and she has created hundreds of visual presentations for energy companies. With backgrounds in engineering and graphic design, she decided to become a specialist in the presentation design market.

Open Loop Graphic is based in Panama City, experienced with delivering and supporting design content to global energy companies.

Services include presentation design, slides revamp, presentation templates, PowerPoint animations, infographics, graphic design, and branding.

As a presentation design studio in the new era of digitalization, our unique visual designs help translate content to a digital communications strategy.

Passion, business understanding and experience,

These are the keys to successfully telling your story, and Open Loop Graphic uses them to deliver your content in a way that makes clients to come back for more.

Surround your audience with the visual experience
changing your content into impactful message

Our Vision

We don’t believe in anonymous – we don’t believe in in using ready-made PowerPoint templates.

In the digital era, when marketing is slowly losing human touch, we believe,
it all should be about creating engaging personal experiences.

Our collaboration,
and your relationship with your audience are
vital to make the real impact.

Our Approach


Every project is managed by Ella Magiera, the founder and creative director of
the Open Look Graphic design studio.
The process is simple: keeping the clients’ goal in mind


Knowledge is power

Listen and ask questions, analyze source material, perform a research investigating the competition, checking new trends, and learn about the audience.
If needed, replicate the process.



Switch into a creative state of mind, welcome new challenges and push creative boundaries to find new ways.
Take on board the client’s feedback always, to improve the design to perfection.



Create value, in a high-quality, visually meticulous content that generate more awareness and engagement.
Focus on the critique feedback, applause is usually an invitation to the rest.

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