Slide Revamp

Making your company look good

Visualization is everything –
no matter what business you are in

Below, are several before and after examples of how a new visualization can hugely improve the look, feel, and properly deliver the key points.

The original slides were used as a foundation, to ensure that all the necessary information and data are included. Applying different ideas with custom animation or transition, helped to transform and refine existing slides’ narrative.

In some cases, stories were designed according to given sketches.

A new modern look was applied while re-creating slides for Schlumberger tradeshow events.

A high-quality visual material was provided in line with digital design trends, and the new commercialized technology.

MicroScope HD BEFOREMicroScope HD AFTER

A complete slide’s makeover helped to communicate the message in a more effective and memorable way.

TerraSphere BEFORE

For an easy-to-understand overview of the service’s ML topic the story was revitalized and presented it in a new way.

FlairFlex BEFOREFlairFlex AFTER

To help Precision Drilling company connect with a client and highlight their digital capabilities new slides with a high-end visual were created.

PD OptimizedDecisions  BEFOREPD OptimizedDecisions AFTER

An exclusive slide design explains and brings to life the digital transformation’s important elements instantly.

PD digital transformation BEFOREPD digital transformation AFTER

A simple approach with the use of carefully selected image and strategic animation helped K&M Technology Group story to stand out and capture attention throughout the presentation.

k+m Technology Group BEFORE

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